Affirming the importance of diversity which is the multiple perspectives, experiences, socio-cultural backgrounds, 以及菠菜网最稳定正规平台社区不同成员的政治倾向, 菠菜网最稳定正规平台 and all its members shall promote and defend inclusivity.  包容性是一种有意识的努力,以确保菠菜网最稳定正规平台社区的所有成员都相信并感到他们在课堂上做出了重大贡献, workplace, 以及其他社交和数字空间,这些空间对于开放和尊重的对话是安全的. Diversity and inclusivity shall be achieved through a learner-centric paradigm 哪一种观点认为学习者通过积极引导和参与讨论来掌控自己的学习.  This policy shall apply to all the students, faculty, employees, and administrators of Far Eastern University.

This policy is created and upheld in order to:

  • 创建一个让成员感到安全、受尊重和被接受的社区;
  • 在课程和联合课程项目和服务中促进多学科、跨学科和包容性的方法;
  • manage conflicts considering the Safe Spaces Act of 2018; and
  • 提高文化适应能力,作为21世纪所需的几种技能之一.

In order to create an inclusive learning ecosystem, 菠菜网最稳定正规平台社区成员肯定他们的信念:

  • 一个包容的社区以尊重的方式思考和行动;
  • 思想的多样性增加了教学的广度和深度, research, extension, and the quality of campus life and workplace;
  • 多样性总是有一个汇合点,这是开放的、寻求解决方案的个人故意创造的;
  • 包容是一个持续的谈判、同化和适应的过程;
  • 蓬勃发展而不是融入让包容更有意义;
  • 在课堂上管理多样性问题的一个有效和公平的方法是通过透明的学术成就评估和通过透明的工作场所的效率和效果评估.

Diversity and Inclusivity are promoted and upheld through quality discourse and the efficient utilization of shared spaces

Quality Discourse

Members of 菠菜网最稳定正规平台社区应该通过创建一个 培养以学习者为中心的生态系统和一个学院和授权的工作文化 in both face-to-face and online interactions.

Quality Discourse is attained through:

  1. openness to multiple perspectives which is achieved by
    1. 允许言论自由和思想交流;
    2. encouraging critical questions and practicing active listening;
    3. 在讨论中接受不同的观点;
    4. 提出问题的对立方面,以充分了解主题,并指导决策;
    5. constantly updating professional knowledge, competencies, and skills through research, training, and mentoring with experts from various disciplines;
    6. demonstrating techniques in supportive feedback (e.g., piggybacking) instead of downright rejection of ideas during group sessions; and
    7. respecting partisan, religious, 以及其他社会文化背景,促进平等和公平对待所有人.
  2. A positive attitude which is demonstrated through:
    1. 鼓励的言语和非言语沟通线索;
    2. being respectful even in disagreements;
    3. using reason rather than threat or coercion as an approach to generate support for personal viewpoints; and
    4. 接受失败是培养开放心态和从他人的最佳实践中学习的过程的一部分.
  3. Responsiveness to different learning styles and needs which is achieved by:
    1. 创建多种多样的形成性和总结性评估工具;
    2. providing remedial activities that may help students cope with requirements especially for those that have special learning disabilities; and
    3. 定期进行需求分析和满意度调查,为项目提供信息, services, and policies.
  4. 和解、不分裂、不歧视的心态和表达 which is demonstrated through:
    1. 使用非暴力与和平手段处理冲突;
    2. being familiar with preconceived notions, assumptions, and biases in order to foster understanding, empathy, collaboration, and cultural adaptation;
    3. always trying to seek solutions;
    4. 鼓励菠菜网最稳定正规平台的社区成员了解他们的困境,鼓励他们寻求合法和创造性的解决方案,以培养意义, fulfillment, relevance, and growth of the self and of others;
    5. using the classroom as a venue for the rational, informed, 尊重彼此的思想交流,而不是个人的夸夸其谈和党派政治活动;
    6. respecting the sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, physical appearance, disability, age, nationality, indigenous lineage, regionality, creed, socio-economic status of the members of our community; and
    7. being aware that sexualized jokes, politically incorrect expressions, 或者不敏感的言论伤害了菠菜网最稳定正规平台的社区成员,应该避免.
  5. Collaboration which is achieved by:
    1. 认识到社区成员的认可是计划或项目实施的关键因素;
    2. 确保所有人都有平等的参与机会,包括在小组工作中轮流发挥作用;
    3. 与同事和学生共同设计学习活动和成果;
    4. 拨出充足的时间进行真正的谘询;
    5. empowering members of our community to make decisions, perform duties with minimum to no supervision, and have accountability; and
    6. 即使在有争议的问题上也力求达成共识.

Efficient Utilization of Shared Spaces

菠菜网最稳定正规平台社区的成员认识到共享空间是为每个人服务的,因此应该以有效和高效地利用这些空间为目标,以促进培养学习环境和学院式工作场所. This is manifested through the following:

  1. 建立公平使用公共空间的制度,如有时间限制的预留和共同责任和责任;
  2. implementation of a clean-as-you-go policy;
  3. 立即报告任何需要维修或更换的设施;
  4. 避免可能分散其他使用者注意力或妨碍自由行动的活动或装置;
  5. 大胆而礼貌地呼吁滥用和滥用设施;
  6. consultation on the configuration of shared spaces subject to the availability of resources; and
  7. 灵活地重新分配已分配的空间.
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